In today’s day and age, it is of utmost importance that your resumes is pristine and demonstrates all of the skills you can bring to a job. Hiring managers look through hundreds, sometimes thousands of resumes each week to try and find the best candidates for the job. In this article, we will talk about some tips you can use to make your resume stand out from the rest and showcase what you can do!

Design Matters


The layout of your resume plays a huge part in whether or not your resume gets picked up. A good resume should catch the eye of the reader in the first two seconds of looking at it. When typing up your resume, consider viewing it on both your computer screen and paper to get the best idea of what your resume will look like in the hand of a hiring manager. Use appropriate fonts and styles to accentuate your resume.




It is easy to list a set of accomplishments on your resume without much detail to it. When listing accomplishments, make sure you can quantify the results you achieved. If you were an account manager for a business, list the number of clients you oversaw as well as the amount of money you were in charge of for the company. The more specific you can get with this section, the better.


Tailor To The Job


An excellent way to get a hiring manager’s attention is to add and subtract things to your resume that you think are the most relevant to the job you are applying for. This can be a tedious task when you are applying for multiple jobs at once. The best way to get noticed is to keep your resume short and sweet. Include all of the necessary pieces of information that adhere to the job responsibilities.


Include Other Profiles


There can be a section of your resume that includes other professional profiles that hiring managers can visit to find out more about you. Include social profiles like LinkedIn to reinforce the skills and qualities you listed on your resume. Flesh out your professional profiles so you can also have the ability to connect with professionals seeking employees on the site itself. LinkedIn is specially made for people looking to connect with other professionals, utilize it as best as you can.