The term branding is used to describe how a company becomes a household name or stands out from its competition. It provides an easily identifiable way for consumers and employees to familiarize themselves with a company through consistent, positive exposure. It begins with a mission statement and systematically trickles down to everything about a company, from its logo design to its social media presence to its word of mouth reputation. When trying to find top talent for your company, your branding reputation is going to go a long way towards beating out your competitors.

Every company wants to be seen as a great place to work, but it isn’t just applicants who are being googled anymore – people on both sides of the job market fence should assume that they are going to be thoroughly investigated. Just like businesses will spend time researching potential candidates, job hunters will spend hours studying company review sites and social media and news articles to learn everything they can about a business. If a person is faced with choosing between two jobs, a positive company brand will absolutely be a strong deciding factor. Job seekers of today are treating the job hunting experience more like a customer shopping experience, and websites like are full of detailed reviews of companies, from both current and former employees.

As a company looking to add team members, it’s important to realize that the wants and needs of today’s workforce are very different than they used to be. Today’s millennial job seekers are not just interested in money, they also want to feel like their belief system is aligned with who they represent. The younger generation is attracted to non-monetary perks such as having a sense of community, diversity and a positive company culture. Keep in mind that small details like alternative seating options, office games, and even free snacks can go a long way towards appealing to a more youthful job applicant.

Since technology is such a huge part of today’s lifestyle, you want to make sure your website and your business are both up to date. Your website is often someone’s first impression of your brand, so you’ll want it to be modern and attractive, as well as being user-friendly. In addition to existing job posting methods, there are a number of e-recruitment tools to take advantage of in order to stay ahead of the curve when seeking talent.