As many business leaders will tell you, employee retention in today’s world is increasingly dependent on the quality of a company’s onboarding procedure for new hires. Onboarding in 2019 isn’t just about providing quality training to new employees, however; it also involves helping new hires feel a genuine sense of integration and identification with a company’s culture.

Fortunately, there are many things that we can do as leaders to make new employees feel welcome and appreciated. Here are just a few great ways to onboard new employees, and why doing so can be an extremely rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Don’t Forget to Periodically Check In on New Hires

To really give new hires a sense of your company’s culture and values, be sure to periodically check in on them and ask how they are feeling about their new responsibilities. While it’s easy to become wrapped up in our own tasks and concerns as leaders, taking the time to show employees that their well-being is important to us is a great way to make them feel valued. That kind of appreciation can make all the difference for people who are adjusting to the stressors of a new job.

Check to See Whether New Employees are Isolated From Their Peers

For many new employees, hitting the ground running at a new company can be a time-consuming process, and it can be very difficult for new hires to meet people outside of their team while learning the ropes of their position. If you notice that a new hire isn’t getting the chance to socialize, for example, try introducing them to employees from different departments. They’ll appreciate the chance to meet new friends and colleagues, and they’ll likely get a greater sense of your company’s values and priorities.

Provide New Employees with a Buddy

As many of us have likely seen in our own careers, drawing on the experience of seasoned employees can give us a serious leg up in a new role. Indeed, to really give new employees a sense of support and reassurance in the workplace, try creating a buddy system for new hires. If a new employee feels that they have someone to rely on when challenges arise, they will likely feel a greater sense of satisfaction with their job.

While onboarding new employees can be a challenging process at times, it can also be a highly rewarding experience for both leaders and new hires. For many individuals, starting a new job can be a confusing and even isolating experience, but there is much that we can do as leaders to help new employees navigate an important stage in their careers. And by providing new hires with a genuine sense of appreciation and belonging, we’ll show them what our company culture is all about. Truly, that is business at its best!