As a Human Resources professional, one of the most difficult parts of the job is to keep the business staffed with quality employees. If your business has a high turnover rate, it becomes even more difficult to not only hire quality employees but also to fill what seems like a never-ending lack of staff. This article will talk about some of the challenges Human Resources professionals face when it comes to recruiting and hiring employees.


Quality of Candidates


Arguably the most difficult and frustrating aspect of recruiting in HR is the quality of candidates who are interested in the job. Many top candidates are picked up quickly in today’s job market and can be difficult to attract them to your company. HR professionals may use incentives to help persuade high-quality candidates to transition to their own company. Some companies may not have the resources to attract the right people for a position so instead, they settle for less and hire someone just to fill in the spot that is vacant.


Fill in Vacancies


Going back to the point that was made in the previous paragraph, HR professionals have to act quickly when trying to fill a vacant position in their company. This sense of urgency can take away from the HR professional’s ability to perform a thorough interview process. Without a thorough interview process, hiring is curtailed which can result in poor employee retention and overall job performance.




Millennials will make up over half of the workforce by the year 2020. More and more millennials are entering the workforce, and HR professionals have to keep up with their new attitudes towards the work environment to stay relevant. Millennials have different expectations about having a career than the Baby Boomer generation. These changing needs require HR professionals to adjust their approach in hiring as well as shifting the company culture to retain employees and develop successful careers for them.


Hiring Managers


A hiring manager can make or break you as a HR professional. The relationship between you and your hiring manager has to be professional and honest. Lay out your expectations concerning candidates and employees so your hiring manager can have a better understanding of what you are looking for. Make the hiring process a collaborative effort so there is little misunderstanding during the hiring process and your job becomes less stressful in the long run!