Artificial intelligence has infiltrated our everyday lives. What we once thought was a sci-fi fantasy is beginning to become a reality. In recent years artificial intelligence has been the headline of almost all publications. AI is already working for some major companies to help lower costs and speed up production. AI will soon be able to help recruiters find the best talent for their companies. This article will talk about the new and exciting ways AI can help recruiters with talent acquisition.


AI-powered assistants, or, chatbots, are a great addition to recruiting that can save time and money when seeking the right talent. There are several chatbots available to businesses that can monitor and interact with talent on a variety of social platforms. Chatbots can schedule interviews, conduct screenings, update applications, and notify applicants of their status in the process. Chatbots take the pressure off of recruiting firms and HR departments to from keeping up with applicants during the hiring process and allows them to focus on more significant aspects of their job.


Recruiters spend massive amounts of energy and time trying to figure out when and where to place an advertisement for an open position. Timing and placement is everything when it comes to finding the right talent for a job. Artificial intelligence can streamline this process and give recruiters the edge over the competition. Programmatic advertising recruiters can place an advertisement with the help of online information from users. AI can harness a person’s search history and data to calculate when and where someone with the right qualifications will see and interact with your ad. This feature of AI can be an incredible tool for recruiters and companies are already beginning to utilize it from day to day.

Video Interviews

If you are not using video interviews yet, you may very well be in the near future. Video interviews are becoming more popular for businesses to interview applicants without having to schedule an appointment in their main offices. Recent developments in AI have shown capabilities of facial recognition as well as deciphering body language, tone, and word choice. Automated video interviews have the potential to eradicate unconscious bias that would otherwise be present in a standard interview. Recruiters can save even more time by implementing AI technology to expedite the interview process.