With the job market as hot as it is right now, more and more companies are turning to internal and external recruiters to help find top-talent. With this increased demand in the workforce, there has been a trickle down effect and colleges and universities have seen an uptick in students declaring HR as their major. According to data collected by Payscale, the average salary for a recruiter is just over $47,000 a year, an attractive career choice for young professionals. A major draw for those considering enter the recruiting field are the skills that can be easily transferred into sales or account management positions.

For professionals considering entering the recruiting field, keep in mind the following qualities that will be required to succeed and have an impact.

Strong Sales Skills

Understanding people and what motivates them is a critical skill for any recruiter. You will be working with a variety of individuals, with many different types of personalities and challenges. The ability to speak confidently and persuasively will be among the most important aspects of your role. If you are unsure about commiting to the recruitment industry, you may consider getting a start in a sales position to develop the skills and ensure it’s an industry you feel passionate about.


Working in a fast-paced environment with potentially dozens of clients, your ability to manage your time and multitask effectively will be vital. The average day of a recruiter will include dozens of phone calls, emails, in-person meetings, and likely departmental meetings. As much as you work to plan out your schedule, you will also be faced with urgent requests and reacting to the needs of a client. While technology and software has evolved over the years and made customer relationship management easier, keep in mind that the tools you use will only be helpful if you commit to using them consistently.


Like a salesperson, recruiters need to always “be on” and have the ability to control a conversation in any setting. Many of the clients you work with will be discouraged or frustrated with the process or results. A recruiter is able to speak confidently about the entire process and specific positions presented to a client.
The fourth and final quality needed in every successful recruiter is a strong drive to reach goals. Because the recruiting industry is extremely competitive, many individuals do not last more than 12 months in the role. Going into the role, you will need to be comfortable with meeting challenging  key performance indicators.