If you’re choosing to enter the Human Resources profession, chances are high that you enjoy people. You like to work with people to solve problems, help to educate and nurture them, and provide support when they need it. Having a passion for people is a great indicator that Human Resources may be a great fit for you. An HR manager’s job doesn’t just require good people skills, however. Sometimes you’re required to be an office manager or handle insurance policies, and therefore you have to be able to take on quite a few roles under one hat. The most successful HR professionals are those that handle each facet of the job with great understanding. Below, I’ve outlined the top qualities that every HR professional should possess in order to be successful. If any of these traits sound like you, it might be time to look into Human Resources as a career.



Mastering the art of communication is a skill that every HR professional should possess, as there will be many times in which miscommunication becomes the topic of discussion. What can often be forgotten when discussing communication is that it’s a two-way street; it’s not just about getting your point across to another person. Great communication skills require you to listen during 100% of any conversation that you have. On the flip side, remember that others are listening to your words as well. An HR professional should always be kind and courteous with their language and have an empathetic but neutral tone when speaking to others.



HR managers are often seen as the moral compass of a business. While this is a slightly unofficial job title and requirement, someone has to enforce standards within a business, and it might as well come from the HR department. This is another aspect that requires a mutual understanding to occur. In order to receive trust from employees, you have to show that you trust them. In a more technical sense, HR managers are tasked with heavy issues at times. Between employee arguments, exit interviews, new hires, insurance and healthcare forms, and sometimes salary information, there is a lot of sensitive information that can be locked away in an HR manager’s desk. You must show that you are capable of being discrete and organized as well as fair and honest.


Problem Solver

On top of handling higher level day to day work, HR managers play a vital role in providing solutions for issues within a company. This can range from employee disagreements to time inefficiencies and beyond. There may even come a time that there’s a discrepancy between different management styles that you need to help connect. Getting to the bottom of a problem and finding the best solution for all involved is a skill that HR professionals not only need to possess but need to excel in.


Judging from this article it looks like HR managers handles a lot. While this is true, don’t let it scare you. Another thing about HR professionals is that they’re up to the challenge. By possessing these traits, you’ll be able to lead your team to success both in the office and beyond. If you don’t think you’ve mastered these skills just yet, continuing to work on them shows dedication and a desire to be more efficient. These are never bad traits to possess!