Chantal “Taly” Russell is the CEO of SilverChair Partners, a senior recruitment agency that places the highest caliber professionals in support roles for leaders in finance, media, technology, advertising, real estate, management consulting and retail.

An industry expert who has personally placed over 1,750 people in their support and HR roles, Taly has built her career on one simple goal: to help passionate and talented people thrive in their professional environments.

Taly’s experience and knowledge of her clients’ needs, as well as the candidates’ talents, allow her to send only the most qualified applicants for a job. Taly’s intuition allows her to go beyond the qualifications and match the personality to the position which is equally important.

Michelle Muniz

Senior EA/HR Associate and current client

A Collaborative Approach to Business

From her early years as a Casting Director to her decade of experience at renowned global executive search firm Glocap Search, Taly has always been drawn to the idea of a “perfect fit” — an alignment of skills, attitude, and work ethic that benefits job candidates and high-performing executives alike. Over the course of her career she has culled core values that now serve as the foundation for SCP’s collaborative approach to business.

Relying heavily on their networks and research-based approach, SCP takes a highly exclusive approach to recruiting candidates for their select and prestigious clients, who range from highly lauded startups to global corporations. The senior team hand-picks candidates who meet a specialized set tier of criteria for key roles in support and HR, resulting in the most unique and sought-after candidate pool in the United States. Industry leaders hold long-term partnerships with SCP to gain access to this top talent.

Chantal “Taly” Russell was born in Zurich, Switzerland and grew up in New York City. She attended New York University’s Stern School and earned her Bachelor’s Degree with a concentration in Econ.

On this blog Chantal “Taly” Russell will share her insights on executive search and staffing, human resources, and things to consider when pursuing your dream job. Stay tuned!