The internet can be a wonderful place to learn. There are hundreds of online resources available to professionals at any given time. Even for those who are seeking certifications and degrees, you can complete the work necessary to get that title all while learning online. If you’re just looking to sharpen your skills and don’t know where to turn, the internet could hold the key for your continued success. Below, I’ve highlighted some great HR seminars and courses that you can take online to sharpen your skills and further your education. It’s important that your company’s employees constantly adapt to new practices and learn how to communicate with coworkers, so it’s only natural that you should do the same!


SHRM – Society For Human Resource Management

An amazing online portal for support and advice, SHRM has been serving Human Resources professionals for over 25 years. Their entire site is dedicated to helping HR careers flourish, outlining different resources and tools available to certified professionals and those who are finishing their degrees or certifications. In addition, they hold several seminars both in person and online to help troubleshoot issues that many HR professionals come across over their tenure.


SHRM boasts having over 24,000+ HR professionals trained within the last 5 years alone with 4,000 of those being online or virtual attendees. Not a bad way to stay up-to-date and in touch with today’s workforce!


NST – National Seminars Training

This specific seminar from National Seminars Training covers an important issue that happens all too often in the workplace. If you’re a new HR professional or if you’re in a position that has just been assigned responsibilities that typically belong to an HR representative, you may feel a bit nervous about your skills. Keeping your eyes open for opportunities to strengthen those skills that got you the job (or in some cases, was forced upon you), will help you to have the confidence necessary to be a successful professional for your peers.


The Human Resources For Those New to HR course gives you access to advice and skill development from certified HR experts. In just one session you’ll be able to have your questions answered and worked on in a way that builds you up, giving you the ability to teach others in a professional manner as well.


AMA – American Management Association

The American Management Association has dozens of HR training and development seminars available to those seeking further training with HR. Sometimes there are organizational shifts in company structure due to new government regulations or economic changes that are out of your control. Some of the seminars found with AMA give HR leaders advice and tips on how to handle changes such as this that are above and beyond the normal requirements of a skilled HR rep. If you’re looking for help in how to handle these changes, AMA is a great resource equipped with a Live Chat feature to assist you when using the site as well!