The way you look online has become important over the last several years. Businesses and companies are searching and analyzing information online about their job candidates. Many career paths require an online screening to determine if what they find is professional and positive. Anything you post online is there for the world to see. Therefore it is essential to monitor what you post online and ensure that you are looking your best to hiring professionals. This article will talk about some ways that anyone can begin to build a professional online presence.

Using Social Media

Some people say to avoid social media altogether when looking to build a professional online presence. Social media has become the main source of how employers evaluate job candidates. Not being involved in some kind of social media may leave employers feeling uneasy. It is essential to have at least one or even several social media platforms that you are active on. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are three good profiles to start with. Remaining active them is the follow-up step to creating the profiles. Use the social profiles regularly, at least once a day is a good starting point.


Building your own website can be a daunting task for some people. A personal website is a great resource to have when going to interviews and helping make yourself look professional online. A website can house all relevant information about you as a professional. At the very least your website should have a short biography about yourself and your goals, a picture of you, and a way to contact you. Websites are entirely customizable and are becoming easier to create and maintain through website building companies.


Now that you have all of the tools to help you look professional online, it’s time to use them! You can create a brand for yourself through social media profiles and your website. Creating a brand for yourself is almost like creating a product. Remaining active and consistent on social media is a great way to develop your brand. Writing blogs or content about anything that interests you is another great to create your brand.

Looking professional online requires constant maintenance. Remain diligent when searching your name and identify suspicious content or reviews so you know what to be aware of.