In the business industry, it is commonplace to hear companies say things like “the customer is always right” due to the notion that consumers are the backbone and driving force of all things business. While a business cannot thrive without clients, a company cannot be a business without employees. Creating a positive and welcoming environment for employees enables companies to reduce their turnover rates and increase productivity. Use these four tips to keep your employees happy and performing at peak levels.

Create A Welcoming Strategy

One of the best ways to create a welcoming environment for employees is by beginning their employment with a robust company welcome. Discuss current culture and office strategies to look for new and unique ways to greet new employees. For example, on the morning of the employee’s first day, plan time for a “welcome breakfast or lunch.” This will allow current employees to meet and introduce themselves to the new hires. This also allows the new employees an open and friendly environment to get comfortable with coworkers, management, and the feel of the workplace.

Improve Communication

Although communication is a fundamental aspect of all this human, business, and life, it is often disregarded when contemplating ways to change or improve a company or business. However, refining the communication processes can have a substantial impact on a company’s office environment and employee satisfaction. Providing employees with a channel for constructive criticism and ideas, as well as offering regular positive feedback can be a large driving force for employee satisfaction and a happier, more welcoming work environment.

Develop A Mentor or Buddy System

Although how you determine who should mentor which new hire is completely up to the company, there are a few fundamental aspects of this system that should be implemented to increase its efficiency. First, an outside source should be the ones to choose which employees are paired up. This allows the system to be unbiased and therefore, more fair and safe. Secondly, create a template for how employees should mentor and behave the new hires.

Foster Outside Relationships

One way to significantly impact workplace culture is for management to encourage and foster outside relationships. Not only between manager and employee but companies can also create welcoming environments by providing opportunities for coworkers to build bonds through recreational activities. As people learn more about what makes each person unique and what interests bind them all, employees and managers alike will realize a stronger bond in the workplace.