Burnout has been described many ways. It usually starts off like you’re just stressed and will move past it soon enough. But eventually, it feels like you hit a wall. It’s an awful feeling of constant, long-term stress, where you are just worn out and can’t seem to move past it. It happens to the best of us.

Being burned out doesn’t mean you don’t love your job. Even the most passionate person can end up fatigued and stuck. The trick is to find the things you need to do to avoid burnout at work before it ever happens.

So how do you avoid it? You take excellent care of yourself. Below you’ll find more specific tips for how to avoid burnout and take care of yourself so you can stay happy at your job.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is good for both your physical and mental health. It’s a way to relieve stress and keep your mind sharp and ready to focus at work. Make time in your day to exercise for about 30 – 60 minutes. You will feel much better afterward and be ready to be fresh at work.

Remind Yourself of the Meaning Of Your Work

Regularly step back and take a moment to consider the impact of what you do every day. How does your work affect other people? How does it affect your own life? How does it affect your coworkers? Are there things you could do to add more meaning to your work for you? For example, would you feel more purposeful if you took a little time out of your day to connect with a coworker? Would you like to add something specific to your routine with clients to add more meaning? What matters to you about your job? Answering these kinds of questions will help you reflect on the real reason and purpose of your work. Take some time away from your busy schedule to reflect on things, you will thank yourself later for it.

One of the side effects of burnout is cynicism. You can work on avoiding burnout by finding the meaning in your work.

Learn To Manage Your Stress

Take your stress seriously. Consider starting a daily meditation practice and a journaling habit.

Laugh More

Yes, this is part of how to avoid burnout. Do you enjoy stand-up comedy on Netflix, or going to live shows? Do you have a friend who always makes you laugh? Laughter relieves stress and helps you be more engaged. Seek out opportunities in your life to embrace laughter; it’s more important than you think.

Take A Vacation

Use your vacation days! Go somewhere, have fun, laugh, and relax. Even when you love being at work, taking a break and doing something else can keep that love alive. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, after all.