Let’s face it: some of your employees might not want to be at work today. You actually might not want to be at work today. But, as they say in show business, the show must go on. Everyone has a day where they may be a bit distracted or feel as if the weight of their work is just going to weigh them down. Albeit for professional or personal reasons, it can greatly affect the mood in the office. While your employer isn’t responsible for helping you have a great day personally, they can help you to have a great day with the business, and that just might improve the mood around the cubicles. If you’re looking to boost the morale in your office, follow these tips to put a smile on everyone’s face and keep them productively working hard towards success.


Show That You Care and That Employees Matter

Whether you’re an HR executive or an office manager, showing kindness and compassion for others is key. You can’t expect to have a healthy relationship with a fellow employee or a subordinate if the other party doesn’t feel welcomed around you. It’s important that employees not only feel valued but listened to as well; employees want to feel as if they make a difference. Take time out of your day to connect with different employees. Something as simple as asking how someone’s day is going can open new doors for communication. Additionally, making sure you are empathetic towards an employee’s concern is also extremely important. If your employees don’t feel as if you are invested in their well being, they won’t want to invest anything into the well-being of your company.


Celebrate Wins and Good Work

Businesses that are all work and no play likely have a lot of cranky employees. Some jobs require a more serious nature within the office than others, but there’s always room for some celebration. While it may seem silly to reward someone for doing their job well, it won’t feel silly after the rewarded employee starts going even further to deliver great results because they are so excited to do the work. When an employee is celebrated for their good work, other employees are going to want to have their moment in the sun as well, pushing them to work even harder. I moreso believe that while highlighting individuals is always a good thing, celebrating those individuals as a team and rewarding the whole group is going to make everyone feel appreciated and valued. If everyone on the team has a fond memory of a team celebration to bond over, teamwork will be tighter, and morale will be booming.


Communicate Creatively

Email has become the most common way to communicate important information to others while in the office. Remember, however, that email is also the way that those outside of the office communicate with those inside of the office. Sometimes employees can get hundreds of emails a day, and your important email might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and leads to an email overload meltdown. It’s okay to utilize chat applications to quickly communicate to your team. It’s also okay to let your employees use chat applications as well. If you show them a little trust to act professionally, they’ll feel less judged and more appreciated.