Finding quality employees often feels like hitting the jackpot; they are driven to succeed and aim to please, and they make your job easier. However, company loyalty has dwindled over the years, and for most people, if a better opportunity comes along, they are often inclined to go after it. If you’ve found good employees who strive to achieve company goals and are determined to be successful at their jobs, take note of these tips for how to retain them.

Open Communication

One of the biggest factors that causes employees to leave a company is a lack of communication. They might feel that they don’t have a clear idea of what expectations they should be trying to meet, or they might be remiss about receiving minimal feedback on their work. Acknowledging that these are common complaints and making sure you communicate with employees clearly can help prevent them from considering other employment.

Establishing an environment where open, two-way communication is welcome between employees and employers is a great way to convey that you care about them and want them to feel comfortable asking questions or discussing personal matters. Your employees should be able to express their career goals and aspirations with you, as well, and being aware of their desires can help you anticipate their next moves.


Good employees often seek opportunities where they can learn and grow; allowing them to stagnate increases their chances of leaving, because they will feel that they have no way to improve and that their work is under-appreciated. Providing opportunities for growth and clearly presenting those opportunities can show your employees that their work is important and that there are chances for upward mobility and reward.


Showing your employees that you value and respect them will improve your relationships and increase your chances of retention. Regardless of their position, you should express how important their work is to your company; after all, if their work wasn’t needed, you wouldn’t have hired them, and they should be made aware of this. Express how you value their time and lives outside of work by being considerate with the amount of work you assign, and assure them that their input and ideas are important. Being sincere and truly valuing your employees is a great way to encourage them to remain loyal.

Tangible Rewards

While offering words of praise improves morale, going the extra mile and providing more tangible rewards for good work can leave a more significant impact. You can provide bonuses or raises for exceptional work, or you could grant a personal day after an employee completes a difficult project. Being mindful of the effort your employees put toward their work and rewarding them appropriately will make them feel that they are a valued member of your company.


Trying to retain good employees can be stressful, as most people are not concerned with company loyalty so much as they are concerned with the best opportunities for them. By showing your employees that you appreciate their work and that your company has room for them to grow, you can increase your chances of retaining the employees who strive for both personal and company success.