As a Human Resources professional, assessments of job candidates is a major part of your role within a company. Filing through mounds of assessments given to each candidate can be a daunting task and eat up a lot of your time throughout the day. Now, more and more companies are adopting a better, more efficient way of assessing their job candidates. Virtual assessment centers are becoming the recruitment norm for many companies and their uses and capabilities are expanding every year. In this article, we will discuss what are some of the capabilities of a virtual assessment center as well as what benefits they offer to HR professionals are. 

What is A Virtual Assessment Center?

A virtual assessment center is a place where prospective employees can go and take virtual tests that evaluate their competency and skills towards a certain job. General knowledge of the job duties are assessed as well as the candidates personality traits to ensure a more accurate fit for the job that they are applying for. Once the assessment is complete, the HR professional will receive a comprehensive report on the assessment giving them an accurate picture of the candidate. The benefit of virtual assessment centers can be seen directly from the saved time the HR professional gains from not having to traditional assessments on paper. 

Benefits of A Virtual Assessment Center

Time is an enormous benefit of a virtual assessment center. The direct feedback that human resources receives from a virtual assessment center  gives them more time to critically assess the candidate with a more accurate representation of the candidate’s skills. Virtual assessment centers do not hold any inherent biases that other people giving manual assessments may hold. The assessment centers could also be used for existing employees in the company. Having employees take data-driven virtual assessments will allow managers and leaders to evaluate their own performance and create training programs on areas that some employees may be struggling with. Candidates can also get direct feedback on their assessment from the software program itself. If the candidate does not get offered the job at your company, they may be able to take the feedback from the virtual assessment and use it to their own advantage in the future of how to become better employees. 

Overall, having candidates take virtual assessments instead of traditional HR assessments proves to be a huge help for all different areas of the company.