An executive assistant is an integral member of a company’s team. Whether you are assistant to the CEO of a multi-million dollar company or the right hand of a small business owner’s startup, you have one of the most important jobs on the force. Not only do you help keep your boss’ world running smoothly, you also aid in keeping the team on task so all the numbers, products, and customer relations can be managed properly and in a timely manner. This is no small feat.

While many of these assisting skills may come naturally to you, everyone who wants to excel in life must continue to sharpen their strengths and bolster their weaknesses.

Tips For Executive Assistants:

Stay Organized

While physical organizers still have their place in an office setting, most billing and correspondence is done electronically in the modern age. As such, it is absolutely imperative that you have a program or an electronic filing system which keeps your emails and documents in order. Having a program to organize your emails by urgency and setting reminders is incredibly helpful in ensuring your personal efficiency and making sure nothing slips under the radar.

Problem Solving

Knowing the business inside out and backwards will give you the confidence to solve problems on behalf of your executive. By handling minor, or even medium sized, issues on your own—once you know your executive’s style and values—will not only allow their world to run more smoothly, but will set you apart from other mediocre assistants they’ve had in the past. By building this reputation as a problem solver, you will not only secure your position, but make yourself indispensable which leads to great loyalty between executive and assistant.

Be Outgoing

Not only do you need stellar written and verbal communication skills, but take your personality apply it to your work. Ask questions to coworkers and employees alike. Forge relationships with everyone who comes your way. Not only will this make your work more enjoyable, but you’ll leave impressions on people that positively reflect on your company and on your executive as well.


As an executive assistant, you have been given a unique opportunity to learn the serious ropes of how a business works. You have the power to make or break an office’s productivity. As the first face clients see before they see your boss, your impression on them reflects on every aspect of their interaction with the company going forward. This is a great responsibility, but one you can confidently rise to as you continue to build your skills.