If you are thinking about making a career change, the thought of uncertainty in taking that next step can be terrifying. Anyone who is thinking of shifting their career can be crippled by overwhelming doubt and stress at having to put in the work required to make a shift in their professional life. Luckily, there are a number of methods and practical tools you can use to help give yourself a clean break from your current career into the one you want to pursue. This article will expand upon a few ways anyone can utilize certain tools to make a career change.

Market Yourself

If the new career you want to pursue is nothing similar to the one you currently hold, it can be difficult to market yourself in the correct light. Different career paths require different skills and different ways of communicating that you possess such skills. Even equipped with ample amounts of experience in your new field, it is vital to ensure that you look marketable to that field on paper and elsewhere. Some questions you may want to ask yourself are how do your skills transfer over to your new career path? Market yourself accordingly and draw the lines between your current experience to your new career path to help your transition.

Local Events

There are always plenty of local events going that encourage people to come out and discover potential career paths for them. Check on local forums to see what events may be happening close to you and bring materials with you so professionals have something to remember you by. Marketing yourself over the web is always a good way to get yourself out there but interacting with someone face to face will leave a lasting impression on them. Even if you may not find the career path you are looking for in these organized events, it always helps to network with the local community and have a better chance at finding your desired career path.


You do not have to look for your next career change all by yourself. Recruiters and staffing agencies can be useful resources in helping you find your career path. There are specific types of recruiting and staffing firms that focus on high-level positions so you will not necessarily have to start at the bottom of a new company. Adding a recruiting firm to your arsenal of searches can have the potential to reap great rewards in the future.